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Sparrow Falling by Gaie Sebold. Book Review.

August 9, 2016

Sparrow Falling

Evvie Duchen, now Evvie Sparrow, has decided it is time for the poacher to turn game keeper and quit a life of crime to establish the Sparrow School with the purpose of training young ladies to undertake security work. But the prospect of the fairer sex engaged in such work is a hard sell, so Evvie resorts to extreme measures to drum up trade. It is a move that will land her in all kinds of trouble and not just from the human world.

Given that the rivalries of the Folk realm are beginning to intrude into everyday life, and that Evvie and her half-fox spirit friend, Liu, are caught right in the middle of it all, will they both have the cunning to get themselves out of trouble and keep the Folk at bay?

Sparrow Falling probably comes under the category of crime prevention thriller with lots of sinister goings on, large helpings of ne’er-do-wells, as well as conniving, capricious and lethal Folk. The kind of mix that makes for a hugely entertaining read and an uncontrollable desire to audibly cheer Evvie on, which can be a problem if you’re reading the book in public.

The mood of the book is initially light, but soon begins to take on some unpleasant undertones as Evvie lands herself into a whole pile of trouble. Even though Liu has warned her off, Evvie being Evvie just can’t help herself and plunges headlong into ever more demanding challenges.

This is the second ‘Evvie’ book, but it works well as a standalone novel with the backstory deftly plotted in without slowing things down. The increasing danger Evvie so wilfully dives into is done well and there is a good sense of the world in which she lives as Evvie passes through it. Liu’s knotty problem of being trapped between the two factions of the Folk while trying to appease each side does create a great deal of tension alongside Evvie’s ‘will she won’t she end up in over her head?’ scenario.

In this type of novel characters writ larger than life are an absolute must, as well as action sequences. Those are all supplied aplenty.

But as to whether this is the end for Evvie and Liu…you will have to read Sparrow Falling to find out.

Sparrow Falling was courtesy of Solaris via NetGalley


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