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Beneath the Ashes by Jane Isaac. Book Review

October 28, 2016


Nancy Faraday comes round to find herself on the kitchen floor. Her boyfriend is missing and she cannot remember what has happened. Not far away a body is found in a burnt-out barn. This case is not going to be straightforward for DI Jackman.

For anyone wanting a good puzzle to unravel, by following a breadcrumb trail of forensic clues and witness statements that may or may not lead somewhere, then this is the book for you. Jane Isaac is excellent at delivering the details for your perusal without making you feel as if you’re being overwhelmed by forensic minutiae or weighed down with endless police interviews.

Jackman, who has problems and guilt of his own to deal with, is a man of compassion and a deep thinker. He works well as the investigating lynchpin.

The author is good at allowing the reader to puzzle over the inner worlds of everyone who might be involved with this case. So the psychological aspects of crime add a satisfying layer to a story where there is a lot of backtracking and sudden insights.

There is also the constant threat that the perpetrator might strike again, as Nancy struggles with her amnesia to try and get to the truth. She is a central character in this story and one who provides an interesting storyline in which the many threads keep leading back to her, one way or another.

Beneath the Ashes was courtesy of Legend Press via NetGalley

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