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Dominion by Peter McLean. Book Review

November 4, 2016



Something rather unpleasant is lurking under London. Which is why Don Drake finds himself dealing with it on a rather too up close and personal basis. But in doing this good turn Don ends up in a whole pile of trouble, needing to dig deep into himself to resolve it.

Don Drake is not someone you would want your daughter to acquire an interest in. He might be a bit of a lad if he got half the chance, but it’s his heart of gold underneath that abrasive outer coating that’s the problem, because it never fails to land him in a pile of trouble or something nasty and revolting. Added to this he has an unrequited longing for Trixie, (Meselandrarasatrixiel if you’re going for a formal introduction), a mind-blowing gorgeous half-fallen Angel. Trixie is in love with the ultimate bad boy, Adam who just happens to be Lucifer. And did I mention Don’s sidekick (for want of a better word), the Burned Man, a fetish housing an archdemon, with a mouth on him that would make Gordon Ramsey blush?

You see Don’s not just your average guy or mediocre diabolist. He tends to be the only person standing between the world as we know it and Armageddon, carrying a whole load of emotional baggage from his past and a pile of demonic overkill with him. This time the Rotman (yep as vile and stinky as he sounds) is the least of Don’s problems.

The characters are brilliantly drawn and fully formed. Peter McLean’s writing makes you care about the characters. You want to hug a gnome who looks like a cross between a bush baby and a giant bald molerat with the type of dress sense that would have a fashionista screaming her Jimmy Choos off. You want to scream yourself because the Rotman is simply too much to handle in close proximity with your eyes open.

This is the second book in the Burned Man series, but it works perfectly well as a standalone novel. With the engaging writing and the huge number of avenues Don Drake’s world offers in terms of exploration, this series has a long way to go before running out of steam.

Dominion was courtesy of Angry Robot via NetGalley

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