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Faller by Will McIntosh. Book Review

November 28, 2016


Everyone wakes up in a world where they cannot remember their life before that day. Reality has fragmented leaving the Earth as a collection of islands floating in the sky. The only food and services that are available are those which are left.

One of these people is Faller, who finds a toy soldier with a parachute, and an incomprehensible map drawn in blood as the only clues to his identity.

Usually in stories where the main character has amnesia there is some crumb of comfort because there is a sense that someone somewhere knows who the amnesiac is. There is no such comfort for Faller, nor initially for the reader, who really does get a sense of Faller’s confusion and frustration, because everyone around him is also suffering from memory loss.

This approach creates a very disorientating and uncomfortable read in this harsh world where supplies are limited and only the strong survive, making the reader, like Faller, ever keener to find out what has happened.

Faller’s is not the only storyline. The book is split into a before and after scenario. The before could not be further away from Faller’s experiences, but as the two narratives continue they come together to create a complex and intriguing story.

Faller is as much about the people as the fantastical events that have taken place to create Faller’s world, and explores what it is to be human at its very best and very worst.

Faller was courtesy of MacMillan-Tor/Forge via NetGalley

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