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Watch Me by Angela Clarke. Book Review

January 1, 2017


DS Nasreen Cudmore is now a part of a cyber and e-crime unit of the Metropolitan Police currently investigating a teenage suicide after her farewell note was posted on Snapchat. During the course of their investigation the members of the unit receive another posting which means they have only 24 hours to solve the abduction of someone very significant to a prominent member of the team. So the scene is set for what is essentially a race against time and another pairing of two women whose combined efforts previously solved an equally appalling crime. The only problem is Nasreen’s and Freddie’s past is about to come back and haunt them with a vengeance.

Once again belief must be suspended when it comes to outsider Freddie’s involvement in the case, but quite honestly when the story gets going you’re too absorbed by the cut and thrust of the investigation to worry about such quibbles.

Angela Clarke has once again created a narrative which zips along while piling in bags of characterisation and startling information about the social media, all woven into a tense plot which really grabs a reader’s imagination.

The subject matter of the book is one which cannot fail to concern even the most tech averse person, because it is explained partly through seamless exposition and action. Running underneath the rapidly unfolding story is a careful choice of words and their placement, which makes this crime novel a cut above the rest and demonstrates how everyday language can be used in a way that is immediate and connects with the reader to create emotional impact. This is the type of precision which makes it possible to convey so much in short, punchy chapters and why the novel is something to be read almost in one sitting.

As with the last book, Nasreen and Freddie’s relationship is spot on, exuding great chemistry, so it is to be hoped this pairing of engaging characters will continue for some while yet.

Watch Me was courtesy of Avon

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