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Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough. Book Review

January 14, 2017


Three people are intertwined in a complex network of relationships. David and Adele are a married couple who seem to have it all, but underneath their marriage is far from perfect. Louise becomes involved in their toxic world and is soon drawn into something that could easily spiral out of control.

If you want the definitive model to examine how to write a psychological thriller Behind Her Eyes is probably it. Psychological thrillers are tricky creatures to write well without becoming repetitive. You have to keep the suspense going for a whole novel (which is usually between 300 to 400 pages), constantly finding new ways of driving the story and ramping up the tension.

Sarah Pinborough has a good track record of suspenseful storytelling, which shows in the execution of the story of Adele, Louise and David. She is also very knowing when it comes to relationships.

This is why the reader is successfully put through a series of psychological moods swings, by believing first one presentation of a story, from Louise’s viewpoint, which is then turned on its head by Adele’s narrative and so on. Even the reliable narrator’s account might be unreliable, because the facts are not all to hand. Ultimately the only way of really seeing the true picture of the situation is by reading right through to the end.

The dénouement will split readers, who will consider it sheer genius, a lazy way to finish a book, or just ridiculous.

Whatever the final opinion, it is worth taking the ride and seeing what is really going on Behind Her Eyes.

Behind Her Eyes was courtesy of HarperCollins via NetGalley

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