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Find Me by J. S. Monroe. Book Review

February 7, 2017


Jar Costello knows his girlfriend Rosa committed suicide five years ago and yet he cannot shake the notion that she is still alive. Then he begins to experience apparently real-life sightings of her.

When Jar receives a message from Amy, Rosa’s aunt, informing him she’s just found Rosa’s diary, Jar begins to dig deep into the circumstances surrounding Rosa’s death. It is a switchback journey which takes him into the realms of spies and subterfuge; a voyage of alarming discovery in which Jar does not know who to trust.

Find Me is an interesting and fresh approach to a psychological thriller because it is also a tender love story. Jar’s love for Rosa is unconditional. He is not an unrequited obsessive, dumped by his lover, but a good-hearted, steady man who is quite appropriately concerned for Rosa’s safety. Rosa in her turn feels a great sense of connection with Jar.

Find Me also takes a more descriptive approach, rather than the cut down, tight prose of most psychological thrillers, yet it loses none of the urgency in the read. This anxious pace of driving tension is also heightened by the device of Rosa’s first hand perspective in a diary and, Jar’s present tense, third person prose, which gives a sense of shifting tensions between an almost dream-like retrospective to something far more urgent.

The dénouement works because all the information and misinformation dripped into the story becomes obvious once you know what has happened, but the twists and turns mean you really are still in the dark almost right to the end.

Find Me was courtesy of Head of Zeus

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