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Blink by K L Slater. Book Review

March 1, 2017


Three years ago Toni Cotter was a struggling single mother, grieving for her husband killed in a tragic accident. In the present she is grieving for the loss of her daughter Evie who disappeared without trace from her school. Will she ever find out what happened and whether her daughter is dead or alive?

This is a story about very ordinary people, struggling with issues readers will easily relate to. The setting is nowhere remarkable or exotic. The writing carries no literary flourishes with the narrative and the dialogue is delivered in a straightforward way.

That is the genius of K L Slater’s writing, which delivers a dynamic and attention-grabbing plot in the same way as her first psychological novel Safe With Me.

There is a fine tension in making the crises experienced by the characters interesting and overdoing it to the point where the reader becomes emotionally numbed to the problems of those characters and the trials of life they must overcome.

The same goes for the drip feed delivery of clues. A twisty-turny plot can easily bamboozle the reader to the point where they cannot remember the main thread of the story. The author maintains a masterful control over the transitions from one character’s perspective to the next, all the while exploiting the manipulation of the information delivered within those perspectives.

I am usually able to get the dénouement long before it arrives, but Blink had me guessing right to the end.

If you want to be a crime writer this is a book to keep on your bookshelf and study until the pages fall apart.

Blink was courtesy of Bookouture via NetGalley

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