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Avengers of the Moon by Allen Steele. Book Review

April 19, 2017

Avengers of the moon

Curt Newton, aka Captain Future, has led a sheltered life tucked away underground in an isolated secret hideout with his friends, a robot, an android and the disembodied brain of a great scientist.

But when Curt’s curiosity gets the better of him he becomes embroiled in saving the solar system from the machinations of an evil mastermind.

Avengers of the Moon does have the feel of the type of book that would have been written in the 1950s/early1960s, except that the women are more Cathy Gale and Emma Peel, than shrinking violets, and relevant science is slipped in unobtrusively for a modern audience.

Curt is your archetypal, clean cut, clean living hero. Although he does get somewhat hot under the collar when Joan Randall (inspector third class of the Interplanetary Police Force), is in close proximity. There is quite a bit of exposition, but it actually works really well, and in parts gives the sense of a fascinating travelogue of the Moon and Mars.

Make no mistake there is violence, but you do not get description just for the sake of ramping up the sense of horror, but more because in an attack people get hurt. You have organisations with the classic sci-fi monikers of the Interplanetary Police Force (the good guys) and Sons of the Two Moons (the bad guys).

At first Curt behaves like an idiot, albeit a brave idiot. However guided by his good friend the robot Grag, the android Otho and the Brain (the disembodied brain of Professor Simon Wright) you see Curt mature very quickly to be a worthy commander.

This is a very entertaining read about the good guys going after the bad guys, with a wonderful sense of something old fashioned about it and is refreshing change from the hard paced texts so favoured by modern thrillers or the complicated philosophical demands of many modern sci-fi books. In other words this is a relaxing, comfort read.

Avengers of the Moon was courtesy of Tor Books via NetGalley

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