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Turn a Blind Eye by Vicky Newham. Book review

April 2, 2018

Turn a Blind Eye

When headteacher Linda Gibson is found strangled in her East London school, her death appears to be a brutal ritualistic killing. When a second body is found, DI Maya Rahman realises this is not an isolated case and the killer is likely to strike again.

Can Maya untangle the complex web of potential suspects before the body count rises?

In a genre awash with detective novels, Turn a Blind Eyemanages to bring something fresh to the table, as well as being a remarkably accomplished debut novel.

The plot is convoluted with some great twists and turns, demonstrating that investigating crime is far from straightforward and often hard to get right because of the potential avenues the many available leads might take them.

Vicky Newham has written a narrative which not only provides an engaging whodunit but also tackles the issues of racism and prejudice head on, with sensitivity and a sense of someone who is relating this from first-hand experience.

Where the novel really scores in terms of developing the readership is the characterisation of DI Maya Rahman. Making a connection with the main protagonist or protagonists is an essential part of a crime novel. On the surface Maya appears to be a very normal person. She might have a well-established and stable relationship with her Glaswegian boyfriend and a loving and close one with her married sister and fun-loving niece. But this belies a tragic backstory of personal loss. As a result, Maya is a three-dimensional character with room to grow in what should hopefully be a series in which we experience the world of criminal investigation through someone making her way in a highly competitive and challenging work life.

Turn a Blind Eye was courtesy of HQ via NetGalley

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