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Think Tank. Edited by David J Linden. Book review

June 29, 2018

Think Tank book cover with multicoloured marbles surrounding the plain black words Think Tank

Think Tank is like taking a coach tour of a vast continent on which you get a taster of many different and fascinating places so that at a later date, with the descriptions from the brochures which have been made available, you have a way of exploring a particular area of interest in your own time or slowly working your way through the opus over a life-time.

If you are someone who has delved into aspects of neuroscience before this is a useful book for pulling the many strands of the complex discipline together, particularly with respect to the brain. This branch of science, is multi-disciplinary, networking in the same way as the neurones of the brain.

Each chapter only skims the surface of this vast and multi-layered subject but seems to cover all the essentials in a clear and concise manner, making it possible to take in the concepts in bite-sized pieces and mull them over. What you are left with is the impression that the more we find out about the brain, the less we really know about it and there are wonderful mysteries we do not yet have the technology to explore.

For anyone interested in the neuroscience of the brain, which at times seems almost like something out of science fiction, then this is a highly readable and fascinating introductory book into the subject.

Think Tank was courtesy of Yale University Press via NetGalley.

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