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Meet Me in the Future by Kameron Hurley. Book review

August 30, 2019

Book cover of Meet Me in the Future.

I have begun to regard Kameron Hurley as my go to for writing fantasy and science fiction stories with brilliantly developed characters and worlds, whatever their length.

In this collection, Hurley takes the world we know and understand, placing people we can easily relate to into bizarre realities that make perfect sense.

For me, engagement with characters in a story is very important. That the worlds Hurley’s characters walk in, no matter how strange or challenging, feel real means I have no trouble becoming emotionally involved.

There were certainly echoes of other writing of Hurley’s, such as Apocalypse Nyx and, more recently, The Light Brigade where the character keeps time shifting and experiencing the results in the present. But this feels more as if you can, as a writer, sense what it is like to gather up ideas, playing with them in one context with the potential for transferring them to another. Or trying out complex concepts and scenarios in the short form where they can be more easily tracked, then going on to craft them anew for a much more sustained work. This makes Meet Me in the Future forensically intriguing and enlightening for any writer, no matter what the genre.

Despite some of the stories giving the sense of experimentation, it does not mean that they are not fully formed and equally affecting as Hurley’s later work, as well as coming over not only as something fresh both in terms of Hurley’s writing, but also a collection of stories within the science fiction/fantasy genre.

Meet Me in the Future is definitely one for my writing reference collection, to be bought as a hardcopy, making it easier to leaf through and have as a tangible example of Hurley’s writing.

Meet Me in the Future was courtesy of Tachyon Publications via NetGalley.

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