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Read This if You Want to Be Great at Drawing People by Selwyn Leamy. Book review

October 22, 2019


Book cover of Read This If You Want to be Great at Drawing peopleRead This if You Want to Be Great at Drawing People is a book of drawing exercises.

These range from breaking down the subject into the most minimal of basic lines, careful measuring out, light and shade, crosshatching, to creating a portrait in negative space. To do this you need to have some experience of drawing. So the book is not for beginners.

This is a book to look at, try the exercises, then think about what you’ve done in light of taking another look of the book.

Read this…is something very useful for busy people because many of the exercises can be done reasonably quickly. Having both samples of the exercises and their relevance to drawings from historical and contemporary artists adds some depth to a book, which is clearly designed to be kept close, referred to frequently and thought about in terms of artistic practice.

By working on them in daily practice in the same way you would practice arpeggios or scales on a musical instrument, you can develop your technique over a period of time.

This is about looking at people and your drawing anew. Encouraging you to change your perspective and thinking about your drawing differently should create a new dimension to your creative practice.

Read This if You Want to Be Great at Drawing People was courtesy of Laurence King Publishers via NetGalley.

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