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Deeplight by Frances Hardinge. Book review

November 2, 2019

Book cover of Deeplight

Hark and his best friend Jelt are scavengers, living hand-to-mouth and by their wits. When one particularly daring scavenging excursion uncovers something very valuable, their fortunes appear to change for the better. But something is stirring in the ocean beyond the safe harbour of the Island of Lady’s Crave, turning Hark and Jelt’s newfound treasure into an object of terror and potential cataclysm.

As is always the case with a new Frances Hardinge book, I could not wait to read Deeplight. It is a story that does not disappoint, both in terms of great character development and breadth of worldbuilding.

Hardinge’s lyrical writing, incredible imagination and treating her audience as intelligent readers means that Deeplight is one of those books whose reading age extends from children to adults with ease.

Deeplight is an indulgence to wallow in, soaking up the weird sea world life of the inhabitants of Lady’s Crave, complete with all their intrigues and goings on.

Hark’s narrative leaves you with your heart in your mouth as he careens from one potential peril to another, using his silver tongue and intelligence to extract himself from the fire.

So, pull up a comfy chair, wrap yourself up against the oncoming winter weather and luxuriate in a glorious adventure of total immersion.

Deeplight was courtesy of Macmillan Children’s Books via NetGalley.


  1. Amazing! Looking forward to read the book.

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