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The Secret Chapter by Genevieve Cogman. Book review

November 11, 2019

Book cover of The Secret Chapter

In The Secret Chapter, Irene and Kai are forced to team up with a group of fae villains they would normal steer well clear of or attempt to thwart with whatever means at their disposal. Instead they have to strike up a deal with supervillain, Mr Nemo, in order to gather up a book which is creating a great deal of dangerous chaos in that world.

The writing of The Secret Chapter is so clichéd. The entire Invisible Library series is replete with the potential for the trite and overused.

Therein lies the genius of Genevieve Cogman’s craft. Even tropes aren’t safe from her elegant recrafting of fantasy writing. She takes everything that an unskilled writer might use as their limited palette and plays with the whole concept, both ruthlessly and with a very knowing eye for a literary and plot opportunity.

The result is a terrific romp with a great cast of fantasy beings all attempting to bring off a heist on behalf of the James Bond-style Mr Big. Yep, he’s an individual who doesn’t take no for an answer as one uncooperative character meets a very Bond ending.

This time the story is set in a modern world with IT, as well as adding some new and interesting character additions to the Invisible Library canon.

The Secret Chapter makes the sixth in the series. But given Irene’s rapier wit, her handling of some very sticky situations along with her partner in crime, the dragon prince, Kai, and potential ramifications of the plot for further explorations of The Invisible Library world, the series does not give off the slightest whiff of getting stale.

I have to admit to being a bit of an Invisible Library fan girl. I have the complete set, some of which I have obtained for review, others I have bought. I’ve also bought a few audiobooks, all of which are in danger of getting metaphorically worn out because, like my Discworld collection, I gravitate towards Cogman’s writing as the type of comfort food with no calories in my hours of need.

Curl up with The Secret Chapter and enjoy it for the slick, unalloyed fantasy romp that it is.

The Secret Chapter was courtesy of Pan Macmillan via NetGalley.

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