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Profile of Elaine Aldred

I have a Doctorate in Education and my initial degree and Masters are both based in biomedical sciences, but a few years ago I was given the opportunity of taking a  BA in Creative and Professional writing at the University of Nottingham. Once I had finished this I wanted to continue to explore the different ways in which writing can be used either commercially or educationally.

Currently working as a project coordinator and education consultant, developing a sustainable literacy project in collaboration with a community of young creative practitioners in a creative community hub in central Nottingham.

The Strange Alliances Blog
My aim for the blog is to explore all different kinds of writing and storytelling, through examining the craft of writing. The style of writing may be academic, literary or commercial.

The blog looks at writing, both in terms of the craft of writing and in some cases the publishing process. It is constructed in a portfolio style so readers can use it as a resource for learning more about writing and publishing.

There may also be some articles about issues related to writing.

I also hope the blog will encourage readers to explore new genres of writing.

  1. Hi Elaine, We met on Tuesday at the Comic tour. My blog is if you want to get in touch.

  2. Laura Grevel permalink

    Hello Elaine, I like your purposes for this blog. I’m glad to find you. Thanks for your work.

    • Thanks Laura. I find excellent writing in all genres, so would like to think blog will encourage writers to venture out of their comfort zone and explore different ways of telling a story.

  3. Hello Elsine. A colleague gave me a copy of your book Guide too Starting Your Own Complimentary Therapy Practice. I find it comprehensive, logical in progression and a pleasure to read. Thank you for creating this resource. Don

    • Thank you. The internet and particularly social media platforms have moved on a bit since the book was published, but the basic principles of setting up a practice and producing a business plan are the sort of things which tend to remain the same. So these at least should remain helpful for some time yet.

  4. Dear Elaine,
    I have just bought your Pharmacology book and found it a useful quick reference tool that simplifies the large Pharmacology tomes we had at Uni. But whose idea was it to print the diagrams in black and white when you refer to the green and purple shaded areas of the diagram?

    • I’m pleased you are finding the book helpful. This must be something missed in the proofing.
      If you would provide me with page and diagram references, I will check and clear up any queries.

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