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Go Fund Yourself by Alice Tapper. Book review

Book cover of Go Fund Yourself

I wish Go Fund Yourself had been available when I left school or university. It would have made life so much easier.

I am much older than the intended reader for Go Fund Yourself, but there is so much in it that is relevant for any age group if the reader is still working (which may well be beyond the standard retirement age of 65, if the current economic situation is anything to go by).

Even people over 40 years old may have to change career and in some cases start all over again. It will be a very unusual career trajectory for someone leaving school or university now if they don’t find they have to change not only firms, but also careers, several times within their working life. This is a phenomenon Go Fund Yourselffully embraces, as well as the forward thinking for retirement and with regards to how you might want to live your life and the financial consequences of wanting it all.

As an Instagrammer, Alice Tapper is all too well aware of the power of social media and that the glittering posts on it may not be the gold they appear to be, even though the pictures would have you believe otherwise.

Go Fund Yourself is not a “How To”, in the sense that if you read it cover to cover you will know exactly what to do on your way to becoming the next great entrepreneur. It is a guide which helps you to think about the wider picture in terms of social, political and economic changes and how these are intertwined. Then you can begin to consider intelligent financial strategies.

The aspects of finance are not covered in detail, but there is enough there to get you thinking about where you fit into the scheme of things and pointing you towards researching certain aspects in more detail. This means you will have a better grip on the implications how your financial decisions might affect you. The case studies relating to each subject are particularly helpful in understanding the dynamics of modern work and finances.

This is a helpful financial survival guide for these times. Given that times might change, the backbone of the book is likely to remain solid requiring only the occasional tweak to bring it right up to date. But because of the book’s solid framework it also enables a reader who has absorbed its wisdom to have the flexibility to adapt to social and economic shifts.

Go Fund Yourself was courtesy of Anima via NetGalley.